Fighting for Breast Cancer Awareness

Throughout the month, millions of people have contributed to the prevention of this disease by donating money, time and resources. Individuals and retail chains have sold pink ribbons, socks and shirts, professional athletes have worn pink gloves and shoes, and marathons and races have sprung up around the world to raise awareness and money to support the cause.  

At Corpus Legal Practitioners, we believe education is one of the most important steps and we understand that we must all do our part to promote awareness. All of us probably know somebody who has been affected by breast cancer, and to us as a Firm, this is even more important given the large number of female staff under our brand, over and above the 50/50 parity.

Thus, we also take this opportunity to reiterate what an honour it is to work, every day, with these brilliant, talented and admirable women. A diversity of skills, experience, management style and personality enable us to develop strong and effective relationships with our broad client base from a wide cross-section of business. The diversity they bring to the table helps drive the Firm’s success.

The odds of surviving breast cancer are strongly tied to how early it is found - help get the word out.

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