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Corpus Legal Practitioners has a robust internship program that provides students and graduates with an opportunity to acquire work experience. As one of the leading legal firms in the country with over 25 years of experience, students and graduates from colleges and universities are provided with an opportunity to get first-hand experience.


The program was mainly designed for the students and graduates of Law who are required to obtain experience as part of their studies. It has also been extended to those graduates that would want to gain more experience before they join the legal industry on a full-time basis.


Corpus has extended the program to non-legal staff who also need to get experience in other areas of the legal firm that includes Finance, Business Development and Client Care.


The program exposes interns to various aspects of the operations of the legal firm. The interns are treated just as any full-time employee and are given a stipend to meet some of their costs.


Some of the current lawyers working at the firm started as interns and are now working as Associates for the firm.