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Employment & Benefits

Corpus has an experienced team of lawyers that advises clients on laws that relate to Employment and Benefits. We support a diverse range of businesses from listed companies to start-ups, individuals to charities, who rely on us on fast-moving complex and sensitive matters. Corpus has provided advice to a number of local and international entities that include the following:


Standard Chartered Bank (“SCB”): Advisor to SCB regarding the data collection restrictions applicable to the collection and storage of existing and prospective employees of Standard Chartered Bank


Advisor to one of Zambia’s leading commercial bank in relation to leave pay allowances and queries concerning issues to be discussed with Union in negotiations for salaries and allowances for the 2018 calendar year


Rio Tinto: Advisor to Rio Tinto in relation to the review of its employment policies and procedures including employment contract templates and employment handbook


Vivo Energy Zambia (“Vivo”): Advisor to Vivo, formerly known as Engen Petroleum Zambia Limited, in relation to review its Employee Code of Conduct and General Business Principles, to ensure compliance with Zambian laws.


Cummins: Advisor to Cummins in relation to the establishment of employee share plans and compensation performance bonus plans


Rent to Own Zambia (“RTO”): Advisor to RTO regarding the requirements and considerations relating to the creation and operations of an employee share option plan (ESOP)


Solium Global Compliance (“SGC”): Advisor to SGC in relation to the review of a publication on employee share plans


Millennium Challenge Corporation (“MCC”): Advisor to MCC in respect of Zambian labour law and regulatory framework


Gold Peer Education Agency “GPEA”: Advisor to GPEA in respect of the registration and compliance requirements under the National Pensions Scheme Act and the Workers Compensation Fund Act.


September 25, 2021

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