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Through our core business activities, we are committed to providing good quality and reliable legal services to all of our clients. Our core business strategy is to become one of the best law firms in the southern region. At the same time, we recognise the environmental impacts arising from our business activities and are committed to reducing these through effective environmental management.


Sustainability is part of our CSR programme in which we reduce, reuse and recycle the energy and natural resources necessary for our business, and collaborate with clients on environmental projects.


The Firm’s policy to achieve continual improvement in environmental performance will be achieved through the following:


  • maintaining an internal management structure for environmental issues which includes clearly defined responsibilities.
  • monitoring our environmental performance and setting objectives and targets for improvement;
  • providing appropriate training and awareness of sustainability programmes for our staff.
  • Developing a paperless initiative, a multifaceted program to promote green workplace behaviors, adopt best practices and leverage technologies to reduce paper in the workplace.
  • Providing biodegradable utensils and reusable mugs in our office kitchens.
  • Educating our lawyers and staff on the benefits of turning off monitors and computers at night