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Telecommunications, Media & Technology

Corpus legal practitioners has a lot of experience in advising Telecommunications companies as well as handling Litigation cases on their behalf. The following are some of the relevant matters that the Firm has handled in the recent past:


MTN Zambia Limited: Advisor in relation to the status of a foreign audit report


CEC Liquid Telecommunications Limited: Advisor to CEC Liquid Telecommunications Limited on the regulatory framework surrounding licensing requirements for the provision of video on demand services in Zambia


ZTE Corporation (Hong Kong): Advisor in relation to the registration of a new entity and provision of full corporate governance compliance services


MTN Zambia Limited: Advisor on the divestiture of share interest to Zambians and Zambian entities as a license condition requirement


MTN Zambia Limited: Advisor on the acquisition of majority stake in Telecel Zambia Limited


Vodacom: Advisor in relation to the acquisition of internet services provider Iconnect Zambia Limited.

Matheson: Attended to queries from Matheson in the Telecommunication Service Promotion Regulatory Analysis regarding Facebook. Analyzed the various options offered by Airtel Zambia in running a Facebook program, which at the time was hampered by the apparent shutdown of all promotions by Zambia regulators.


Advisors and representatives to Gilat telecoms of Israel to get licensed in Zambia.


Advisors and representatives to West Indian Ocean Cable Company in compliance and to get licensed in Zambia.


September 25, 2021

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