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Corpus Legal Practitioners > Insights  > Unlocking Zambia’s Mining Potential: Insights and Prospects at Mining Indaba 2024

Unlocking Zambia’s Mining Potential: Insights and Prospects at Mining Indaba 2024

Author: Charles Mkokweza

Date: 02 February 2024

Africa has once again become an important focal point destination for investment capital in the metals and minerals sector and Zambia is one of those hot beds. We have experienced significant increase in activity in the M&A space and with respect to both brownfield projects as well as greenfield projects. One country specific development is in the policy space. While the main fiscal and general policy regime has remained stable for the past few years, and should generally continue this way with respect to the ‘big’ policy issues, we nevertheless expect to see some interesting and impactful nuanced developments in the sub-policy space as extrapolated from the recent policy pronouncements including:

(a)        how government will compete as a player in the sector;

(b)        how the incentive based local content policy might be enhanced further;

(c)        how country wide exploration activity may be opened up and incentivized further;

(d)        how beneficiation and marketing of finished products is likely to be transformed with the aim of enhancing accountability and transparency; and

(e)        how Zambia intends to cooperate with other countries in Africa in exploiting the facilitation of increased activity in the mining sector.

Come and interact with our team at the Mining Indaba for more discussion on the above and other points on Zambia that you may want to bounce off us. Our mining sector focused partner, Charles Mkokweza, will be on hand at the venue to interact with you.